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Coffee Closet with Barista Jake

On Saturday June 13th, exactly 1 year from the day he graduated high school, our Autistic son with severe ADHD and Anxiety/OCD opened his own business.

Jake loves to make coffee and has found a knack for making a delicious cup. My husband and I own a record store in our hometown of Norristown, PA and during the enforced shutdown we held two curbside coffee cart fundraisers. Our community, family and friends generously donated their money, time and supplies to make Jake's dream come true.

With his donations he was able to commission the construction of a custom coffee cart called "Coffee Closet with Barista Jake" that is now a permanent structure inside our record store - Vinyl Closet Records.

The cart is 100% donation based and each month he will partner with a Montgomery County area charity.

The cart will be staffed with "Peer Volunteers" and special needs teens and adults from our community. Our intent is to continue to raise funds and start a non profit that will allow us to provide the special needs teens and adults in our area a place to work, socialize, gain job skills and because of my 30 years in HR and recruitment, I will provide interview skills, employment coaching and resume workshops. 

6ABC- Get your cup of joe and donate to a good cause at Coffee Closet!

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